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We have developed this area of Tūtū Kā’ika to Foster whanaungatanga through the development & support of local events & initiatives to reach a broad range of people within our community. Our desire is to promote a shared sense of belonging & identity to all people through Kapahaka, te reo me ōnā ture ō ngā mātua tūpuna I ngā wā katoa.
The annual Taranaki Puanga Festival in conjunction with its other activities such as the inclusion of the Tūtū Kā’ika Te Reo stage and Sports day are vehicles in which we can achieve these goals and give the community a daily challenge in working towards the annual goal/reward of the festival itself. The additional benefit of the Taranaki Puanga festival is that its reach has grown right across the community of Taranaki, New Zealand and internationally as it is designed to be inclusive of all peoples and facilitate them at any level of understanding.

We are always looking for opportunities to get involved with the community, including sports, culture, arts and various other events. through out our website and specifically this page you will be able to see whats going on, get involved by attending an event, supporting it or contacting us about how you could perhaps be a part of, or sponsor a local charity, event or local club for instance.
Some of our regular and annual events to look out for include Tūtū Kā’ika Te Reo at the Puanga Festival in Waitara

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Taranaki Puanga Festival 2018

Final Draws

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Idols Talent Show 2018


Te Reo Maaori 2018


Netball 2018

Puanga Kapa Haka 2015

Kapa Haka 2018

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Registration Forms

Puanga Stall holders

Stall holders can fill out a form online or print and post

Idol puanga

Puanga Idol Information

Stars, diva’s and amateurs to bring everything you’ve got to the stage and showcase your talent for family and friends of the community. Opportunity to win a cash prize!

te Reo Puanga

Manu Kōrero

We are continuing the Te Reo initiative that was started in 2008, 2009, 2010, and was a great success. Run along side the annual Puanga Festival.

Puanga Poster comp

Puanga Poster Information

Put your best foot forward in the Puanga poster competition and illustrate what Puanga mean’s to you.

puanga kapahaka

Puanga Kapa Haka Information

Comp and non-comp entry options available for your school, kohanga or open grade team. Have fun promoting Maori culture and community pride!

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