Taonga kōrero

Kapahaka Under 13s

TIRA – E Kuia Maa, E Koro Maa

This Taonga represents the unity of our elders… Our Kuia (Elderly Women) and Koro (Elderly Men).. The Moko represent Taha Tane the right hand side of an individual’s Body and Taha Wahine…the female side of an individual’s body…the Male moko is called a Kauwae…the division acknowledges the union of a man a woman…and the recognition that men and women are no longer separated…but are equal. Our Treasured Kuia and Koro…Those who have passed on and those who are with us today. We, as the young people please take heed and learn to respect, values handed down by our Kaumatua. Together as one, bringing Nations together we will conquer whatever comes our way.


(Guardian of Frost, Snow, Hail & Rain)
Te Iho Rangi is the 10th ranked Son of Ranginui & PapatUAnuku…His portfolio is the management of winter elements. The creator provides the essence of these elements while Te Iho Rangi guides these elements into sections of the Earths realm such as mountains, land, forests, rivers and the Oceans to provide purification and supply upon Papatūānuku Kaitiaki…Te Iho Rangi Has always controlled the winter elements to provide purification over the land and sea.

HAKA – Pehimana Tamati

Memorial Trophy

POI – Kimi’ia

To search
This Taonga was originally created for a Waka Huia. However the base was lost. Hence the word Kimi’ia? To search. It was later accepted that the base was meant to be removed and the lid be formed into a standing art piece. A karakia was performed at a swamp due to contractors discovering over 50 Tōtara and Kauri logs buried in this swamp. The essence of the Karakia was this.. ‘Come with my oh mighty Kauri and Tōtara and I will present you to the world in your true form. As a carving’ this is the recognition of that Karakia


(Guardian of Heavenly Stars)
TangoTango is the 42nd ranked Son Of Ranginui & Papatuanuku…His portfolio was established to manage the luminous star formations in the Heavens…included in this is the deliverance of light and energies to sustain Te Po Ao... (The Light Of Night). It is said that these Stars are the light that guides ones spirit to the creator. Kaitiaki…TangoTango Never complains at how bright the night sky’s need to be to remind us to look up towards the Heavens…instead we choose to seek forgiveness in a church?...all of these and much more if delivered to the youth in a manner that they will appreciate…enhances and strengthens mankind’s future. Never the less we need to keep clear in our minds that there is GOD…and he has blessed us with an abundance of love and gifts.


(Guardian of the Oceans)
Kiwa…is the 9th ranked male child of Ranginui and Papatūānuku… His portfolio was created to enable the oceans of the world to regenerate and sustain all that lives within it. The current and motions of the oceans provide healing and resistance to Te Raa Kura (The Sun Heat Rays) for Papatūānuku. Kiwa is responsible for managing the expectations and security of the spirit and works amongst his other brothers. Tangaroa (Seafood and Pounamu), Ruaumoko (Earthquakes and Tidal Waves), Te Arawaru (Shellfish), Kewa (Whales), Takaaho (Sharks) and Mauihi (Waves and Rips) Kaitiaki…Kiwa Provides respect each time we enter the waters of the sea to swim and surf…fish for food while sitting on crafts to obtain this and yet we pray after we lose lives at sea.

Te Reo Opaki / Okawa

OKAWA UNDER 13s – Te Puawaitanga o Nga ‘au e W’a ‘e Reo Ōkawa

Formal Speech
This taonga was donated by Te roopu Tuutuu Kaa’ika as a reminder to all that our ancestral language is the way forward and so from humble beginnings TE PUAWAITANGA o Nga ‘au e W’a illustrates With the right nurturing and encouragement weather you be of human origins or forged from the elements from simplest of substances an amazing transformation can occur

OPAKI UNDER 13s – Te Papatuku Ki PuangaTai Tamariki

Informal Speech
This taonga was donated by WITT

OPAKI UNDER 21s – Te Papatuku ki PuangaTai Rangatahi

Informal Speech
This taonga was donated by WITT

OPAKI OPEN SNRs – Te Papatuku ti Puanga Tai-Hahake

Informal Speech
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